The Drowned Rat Waterproof Kilt


The Drowned Rat Waterproof kilt is designed to be versatile, although originally designed for the shooting field the kilt is now purchased by gardeners, game keepers and dog walkers, the list could go on!  It is an excellent alternative to waterproof trousers. The great news is that they are fully washable in the machine and will not disintegrate.


The kilt is available in two sizes Medium and large, both are adjustable on the waist, the length is the same on both.


Fitting The Kilt

Hold the kilt behind you, fully opened, and wrap it around yourself, ensuring that the exposed edge is level with the outside of your right leg.

Attach the velcro on the 'belt' at the top of the Kilt releasing the webbing belt from the belt loops to ensure that the clasp is in the correct position.

Adjust the male part of the clasp so that it is in the right place and cut off the excess webbing belt.


Washing The Kilt

When washing the kilt, either sponge the fabric with warm soapy water or wash at a maximum temperature of 40°C.